Free concert a runaway success

Bands Summit (top) and Rooftop Runaways rocked the house at the Human Rights club concert

Karissa Murray

Bands Summit (top) and Rooftop Runaways rocked the house at the Human Rights club concert


The Human Rights Club benefit concert went off without a hitch last Friday night.

Rock bands Rooftop Runaways, and Summit played to a packed house, along with sets from singer songwriters Alex Grace and Josh Cominelli, and musicians Ben St. Cyr and Jay Fry.

“Dude, it was awesome, we killed it and the crowd got into it.” said Rooftop Runaways bassist Nate Young.

Rooftop Runaways –  bassist Young, drummer Jonathan Frontiero, rhythm guitarist Dylan Favaloro, lead guitarist  Josh Cominelli and singer Alexandra Grace – started off the night with a lot of cheering.

Cal Cook’s band Summit, also reunited for the event,

“I haven’t played with my bandmates in months and it was nice to get back together and play for a good cause.” said  Summit drummer Cook.

Summit has not practiced in a while since the other two members, GHS alumni Ethan Lally and Salem High graduate Derek Dupuis started their freshman year of college. However, they made up for a lack of songs with a great improv session ending the night with something original.

“I just love seeing someone doing something They’re passionate about, it makes me so happy” said concert attender Jill Olivera .

“I thought it was super awesome but I wish I had more room to dance.” said Corryn Ulrich who was part of a group of sophomore girls in the back who have now become Summit’s fan girls.

Admission to the concert was free, but concessions were sold to benefit the special olympics.The concert was held at the Hive in their small back room where chairs were arranged in a semicircle around half the room.

Human Rights Club president Danielle Bauke organized the event.

The turnout was awesome with more people than chairs.

Ranging from slow tempo Indie Folk with Josh and Alex to rock with Summit the concert had something for everyone to enjoy.
“I enjoy how the community got to come together and listen to music” said sophomore Hannah Sears. “If you missed it – you missed out.”