GHS students fundraise for Action Against Hunger



Students in Mr. Francis’s Global Issues class embarked on a fundraising campaign for Action Against Hunger, a global humanitarian organization with the goal of ending world hunger. Hunger affects 828 million people, and kills 2 million children a year, so Action Against Hunger provides many different ways that people can contribute to their organization, from simply donating, to running their own fundraisers.

To help out the cause, GHS students organized a GoFundMe, which can be found here. Donations are accepted in any amount, and all money will go towards Action Against Hunger.

“We did a lot of research into what organization we should fundraise for,” said senior Chloe deGaspe Beaubien. “And Action Against Hunger is a well-run and legitimate way to help people.”

Students will also be holding a bake sale on Friday, December 16th, after school in the atrium, where a variety of foods will be sold, and all of the profits will go towards Action Against Hunger as well.

“It is important to fundraise because so many people are hungry, and we are fortunate enough to have the resources that allow us to help,” said deGaspe Beaubien. “This project is a meaningful way to make a difference during the holiday season, and this issue is so widespread due to hunger’s pervasive nature.”

Action Against Hunger’s website, which can be found here, gives many different opportunities for people to support, including matching every donation, dollar for dollar, meaning that the people in need get double what each individual donates. Their website also includes information about the abundance of the hunger crisis, and what hunger and famine actually are.

Those interested in helping out can donate to the GoFundMe, purchase baked goods at the bake sale, or contact a student through one of the social media accounts dedicated to the fundraiser, including the Instagram account, which can be found here.