Gloucester playwright seeks student contributors

SOFIA ORLANDO, Multimedia Editor

Do you like to write? Or are you passionate about Gloucester’s history? If so, put your knowledge to good use and help compose a play about Gloucester’s 400 years of history. 

Gloucester native, and GHS alum Jennifer Tarr is in the process of composing a play about all 400 years of the fishing town’s history with help from the Gloucester 400 Association, 1623 Studios and Gloucester Stage Company, and is now seeking the help of Gloucester’s youth.

This play not only helps celebrate the 400th anniversary of the town, but is also a final project in order for her to receive her masters degree from Emerson College. 

Tarr is looking for anyone, mainly GHS students and Gloucester residents, to help write this celebratory play. 

“Originally I was looking for some students, because I am a theater teacher, to take part in this,” said Tarr.  “But if I can get people who are willing to do the research and not the writing or vice versa I will be happy.” 

Tarr hopes to create a play that accurately depicts Gloucester’s history and culture. 

“I know Gloucester has done plays before but none of them have really been preserved, other than Greasy Pole: The Musical, but that only covered one event,” said Tarr. “I would like to have the show be preserved and possibly used for more birthdays and other celebrations.” 

Tarr hopes that the GHS community will help to write this show, and learn more about Gloucester’s history that may not be taught in school. 

She also added that people are ready to do other things regarding the production such as sets and costumes,  and now all that’s left is the play itself. 

So, if you are interested in helping to celebrate Gloucester’s 400th birthday in such a creative way, please contact Tarr at [email protected].