New elementary school, “East Veterans’,” causes zoning changes



Last week, the Gloucester School Committee voted on the name of the combined elementary school, christening it “East Veterans’ Elementary School,” a combination of the two elementary schools’ previous names. 

With the new combined elementary school, the zones dividing the K-5 population into different elementary schools are also being revisited. The school committee designed an updated map of who goes to which school, and a list of streets that will be impacted by the re-zoning.

Students who currently attend a certain elementary school will not be forced to transfer, as a five-year transition period has been adopted, where students and families who chose to stay at their current school will be allowed to. Students and families who chose to transfer to their new zone sooner will be allowed to make the transition at the start of the next school year. Any new students will attend the school the re-zoning assigned them.

The new zones are shown in the map below:













Students who attend West Parish will not be affected by the rezoning. Inhabitants of certain streets will be required to transfer from Beeman to Plum Cove, from Beeman to EGS/Vets, and from Plum Cove to Beeman. The streets that will be affected are listed below.

Beeman to Plum Cove:

Apple Street

Blueberry Lane

Breezy Point Road

Corliss Avenue

Hodgkins Street

Honeysuckle Road

Howard Road

Linden Road

Orchard Way

Patriots Circle

Riverview Road

Rose Lane

Thurston Point

#41+ Veterans Way

Wheeler Street

Doanne Road

Beeman to East Veterans:

Angle Street

Main Street

Middle Street

Riggs Street

#20+ Summer Street

Church Street

Columbia Street

Gould Street

Mansfield Street

Mansfield Court

Mason Court

Mason Street

Pine Street

Proctor Street

#1-#32 School Street

Washington Square

#1-#80 Washington Street

#1-#67 Western Avenue

Plum Cove to Beeman:

Colonial Street

Acacia Street

Baker Street

Carlisle Street

#1-#7 Cherry Street

Gloucester Avenue

Grove Street

Ivy Court

Knowlton Square

Madison Avenue

Madison Court

Madison Square

#91+ Maplewood Avenue

Monroe Court

Mystic Avenue

Poplar Street

Russell Avenue

Springfield Street

#178-235 Washington Street

York Road