GHS holds World of Difference training


Amy Kamm

Students in the World of Difference training pose for a picture.


Last week, GHS concluded its ADL World of Difference training, with students from different grades and backgrounds representing the diversity of the school. Students met in the library during school hours to learn about prejudice and discrimination, and how to deal with that internally and externally. The group met three times on three different school days spread out over a few weeks.

All students were eligible to sign up for the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). There were no requirements in terms of grades or past activism.

“The ADL is an organization that leads a training exercise for students to learn about how to teach others and spread awareness of discrimination and how to put an end to it,” said sophomore Beatrix Brosnihan. “It’s a super cool opportunity because we get to teach our peers and ourselves, and help improve the school.”

Students were led in activities meant to teach them how to understand and challenge bias, and learn how to practice using anti-bias facilitation skills. With that new knowledge, the students are then able to be mindful of their actions, and be able to help their peers educate themselves, to make GHS a better place.

The ADL originally started as a group to prevent antisemitism, but expanded to include racism and prejudice of all kinds. Members of the ADL came into the school to supervise and facilitate the group meetings. GHS was able to have members of the ADL come to the school and supervise thanks to a Title IV grant, which are funds used to provide students with a well-rounded education. Title IV grants come from the federal government, and go toward elementary and secondary schools to ensure high-quality education on a variety of topics. 

An important step to making GHS a safer and more respectful environment, GHS is taking action to prevent discrimination in all forms.