GHS class of 2022 moves on


The Gloucester High School class of 2022, graduated this past weekend to a mix of tears from families and cheers from friends.

Superintendent Ben Lummis gave a speech regarding the tough and unexpected battles the graduating class has had to navigate through.

Principal James Cook gave a speech about embracing one’s own nerdiest tendencies, and the importance of being a nerd.

Class President Daniel Beaton spoke, as well as salutatorian Eliana Farria, who discussed the looming challenge of finding a new community in college, and how special the students and staff at GHS are. Farria ended her speech with a wish of luck to her younger sister, who will start at GHS in the fall.

Valedictorian Ais Cook gave a very candid speech talking about how difficult high school was, and how they were able to get through it because of the support system they had built.

“I’ve found my people, and they’ve found me,” said Cook. “We’ve found places where we fit, where we didn’t have to change ourselves to survive, and where other people would do what they could to help us through our toughest spots. Our people are out there, where we work, where we learn, and where we play. That’s what it means to have a community.”

Of course, this high school class has faced unprecedented challenges that nobody was prepared for. But even if they hadn’t, high school would still be hard. And the way that all of these seniors managed to make it through is by finding people who make them feel safe and cared for.

“Community is everyone sitting here today, everyone who’s finally made it, and everyone who’s here to support,” said Cook. “Community is how we survived, and community is how we will thrive.”

As each student walked across the stage, they handed Principal Cook a rubber duck, a final farewell in the form of a class prank.

The Docksiders, GHS’s band, serenaded the graduates throughout the ceremony. The highlight was their performance of Michael Buble’s “Feelin’ Good,” sung by junior Tyler Weed, to rousing applause.

If the graduation ceremony is indicative of the future of this class, I’m sure they will be “Feelin’ Good,” no matter what path they choose.