GHS Youth Advisory Council seeks members

ARI PRIEST, Staff Writer

The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is a national organization, with a Gloucester High School chapter run by students.  

YAC helps students, and provides them resources to help with their mental health, physical health and any other support they may need. The YAC also has student run projects throughout the school year, such as bulletin boards to raise awareness, or for example in December 2021, spreading positivity by making little snowman crafts and decorating them to give to every teacher in the school for the holidays. 

YAC is funded by MDPH (Massachusetts Department of Public Health) with the parent of the club being Addison Gilbert Hospital. Anything YAC does is supported by AGH.

“Their end goal is to make the school a better and welcoming place along with spreading mental health awareness,” GHS junior Yashvi Patel said. “YAC can help you provide the tools a student would need for his or her ideas, or health to the best of their ability. Towards the end of the year, we plan a trip to the state house in Boston, giving us a chance to talk about what we care about and the things we have been involved in. It is a great opportunity to share with others what you care about”. 

Patel is a big part of YAC and helps promote projects they do. Last year, she helped gather people to participate in the Garden Club. 

“This year the YAC is involved in many projects, such as the Racial Equity club, a nutritional program that involves a nutritionist coming to our school every once in a while and teaching students about nutritional health, mental health awareness projects, and spreading awareness about culture diversity,” Patel said. 

YAC is planning to do more projects throughout the school year, so lookout for bulletin boards and listen for anything they might announce. Most YAC members are involved in SAGA, Free Food Locker, Mental Health Ambassadors, the Racial Equity Club, and the Garden Club. 

Students interested in joining YAC, or any of these clubs, should stop by the Health Center in room 1214. 

“It’s important to have a club focused on mental health because it’s important to deal with the whole student being,”  Karen Hurst, program manager of the GHS Health Center said. “Whether that be physical or mental health of a student, and make sure they are cared for throughout their 4 years here.” 

Youth Advisory Council meets every Wednesday afterschool  at 2:10 in room 1214.