Fishermen football players named all NEC.


John Salvi-Souza, senior fullback and linebacker, was named first team all North Eastern Conference. Since being named captain shortly after the 2013 football season, he has shown great leadership. Being one of the hardest workers on the team, John evolved from an average player to one of the best in the NEC.

John Credits his achievements to Coach Mike Lattof and Coach Tony Zerilli.

“Coach Lattof motivated me all off-season to be the best I can be,” said Salvi-Souza. “I think you work harder when you have a guy pushing you 24/7.He pushed me all season and never took it easy on me. Even when we aren’t working out he was always giving me advice.”

Senior Terrance Lane was also named first team all North Eastern Conference.

“I credit my success to Coach Walsh for being the toughest coach to talk to. He didn’t take excuses and knew how to lighten the darker moments of the season” Said Lane.

It’s no secret that Gloucester had a rough thanksgiving, losing to Danvers 20-7.

When Terrance Lane was asked about what he thought of the Senior Powerhouse, John Salvi-Souza, Terrance said: “He was such an inspiration to me all off-season, I bettered myself by looking up to Captain John Salvi-Souza.”

Terrance Lane and John Salvi-Souza have both been looking into colleges to better their education.

Terrance was recently accepted to North Shore Community College. John Salvi-Souza plans on playing football in college and has been accepted to Nichols College, Curry College, and Westfield State University.

Junior captain, Alex Enes, was also given a spot as an NEC All-star for running back. He has started varsity since freshman year and stepped up his sophomore year to become a junior captain. We look forward to seeing more from Enes next season.