Tough loss for Fishermen football


Lexi Thomas

Captains Bryan Swain, Frank DeSisto, Caleb DeCoste, and Nick Carey run onto the filed before the game.

LEXI THOMAS, Staff Writer

Gloucester traveled to Weston last Friday hoping for a win, but fell short to make their record 1-2. Great plays were made by  offense and defense but lost 22-16 in a tight game. 

In the first quarter, both sides came out with a strong defense. Yellow flags were flying left and right on both teams, with multiple five yard penalties drawing the teams back. After a successful sack by Chase Goulart, the Weston Wildcats punted the ball to their own 44 yard line, where it was the Gloucester offense’s time to shine. After receiving the ball, Weston threw a pass into the end zone. Gloucester took a timeout to regroup and reassess strategy after the Wildcats kicked the extra point. With 1:24 seconds left in the first quarter, Gloucester’s own Cam Widfeldt intercepted a Weston pass and returned it to the Weston 35 yard line. After multiple strong offensive drives, time got the best of the Fishermen. 

After the first snap in the second quarter, Quarterback Nick Carey sprinted to the end zone. The deal was sealed when Cam Widfeldt drove the ball through the middle of the goalpost to make the game 7-7. Weston gained control of the field and ran the ball into the end-zone for the second time of the night, but Gloucester immediately answered with a touchdown scored by John Gucciardi, driven in by Nikko Thomas. This made the score 14-14 when the first half was over. 

Many powerful tackles were made throughout the game by John Gucciardi and number Kayden Souza, despite having a broken arm.  In the last three minutes, Gloucester’s number 61 Christian Howell blocked a punt return from Weston, resulting in a 2 point safety for Gloucester.  

Gloucester entered the 4th quarter leading Weston 16-14, and stayed consistent throughout. In the last three minutes of the game, Weston made a run upfield to get the Wildcats their third touchdown of the night. With short time left, Weston knelt the ball in victory formation and ended the game with a score of 22-16

GHS Varsity Football and Newell Stadium will welcome the Salem witches at 7:00pm this Friday. Prior to the game, GHS will have their first Pep Rally of the school year. 

Jaylen Severino punts the ball downfield. (Lexi Thomas)