Sexuality and Gender Acceptance Club returns to GHS


As the school year starts once again, many students are looking for a safe space to make connections. SAGA, GHS’s Sexuality and Gender Acceptance Club, hopes to provide that space.

“SAGA is an all-accepting club,” club adviser Flo Johnson said. “Whether you identify as LGBTQ+, questioning, or an ally.”  

The club aims to promote community acceptance by welcoming new members and offering support to those who need it. SAGA is also dedicated to creating a safe environment for GHS students, working to improve inclusivity and oppose negative biases within the school.

“I would love to welcome any new members and to have students take more leadership roles,” Johnson said. She also hinted at “club bonding events,” depending on the levels of interest from members.

“We meet on Wednesdays during both lunches,”  Johnson said. “Some students will drop in just to try it out.” She also added that while they encourage active club participation, “there isn’t really any commitment.”

For those looking for a club to join, SAGA’s in-lunch schedules mean that no time is taken away from sports, homework time, or other extracurricular activities, while still offering the meaningful connections that come with a club community. This year, Ms. Ruggles will be joining to help lead SAGA during the first lunch block. Special guests will come to the meetings this year—GHS graduates who share their perspectives as well as leaders from the Gloucester community. 

Additionally, the low commitment is perfect for students who have unsure schedules, or those who want to be able to form connections without the pressure of officially joining a group right away.

SAGA offers a unique opportunity for students as well because of its basis in supporting the LGBTQ+ community. While providing a safe space for students to explore their identities and bond over shared experiences, SAGA promotes dignity, belonging, inclusion, and community.

“There are so many easy ways to be involved and connected here at GHS. I encourage students to find a club, or even make one, based on their interests or passions,” Johnson said.

SAGA also partners with Younity in Gloucester to promote another safe space for our youth. In the spring, the group walks up to participate in the Pride flag raising at the Gloucester City Hall. 

You can reach Johnson at [email protected], or in room 3309.