GHS welcomes Ms. Kaestner to the English department


Treely Dowd

The English department welcomes new teacher Maria Kaestner.


Maria Kaestner is GHS’s newest addition to the English department.

Kaestner was a NHS student in high school and earned straight-A’s all throughout school. She described herself as a “drama geek” and “introverted,” and also had aspirations of becoming an actress. Out of high school, Kaestner ended up going to college for a different occupation unrelated to acting or teaching. 

“I went to Emerson College for undergrad, and I double majored in journalism and marketing because I thought I wanted to be a writer or do something in communications, so I got a communications job right out of college,” Kaestner said. “I actually worked for the Boy Scouts of America in this region and I was their communications specialist, however, during Covid, I got laid off.” 

Although Kaestner was let go from her previous job due to the pandemic, it opened up new career opportunities for her. 

“I went back to school and I got my masters in Education at Merrimack College … I wanted to be a writer first, and as I was debating on what to do after I got laid off I realized I really like books and I really like English and I loved my teaching experience, so I knew that’s what I wanted to pick.”

Prior to working at GHS, Kaestner worked at Stoneham High as a teacher’s aid. 

“Teaching was great, there were great teachers that I was learning from,” Kaestner said. “I taught mostly seniors, which I really liked because it prepared me for Gloucester because I teach mostly senior classes here.” 

While at Stoneham, Kaestner had one of her favorite teaching moments while teaching a class of English learners.

“Everyone was reading Shakespeare, and we got through Romeo and Juliet and everyone really liked it,” said Kaestner. “It was great!” 

So far, teaching at GHS for Kaestner has been a positive experience all around, with both teachers and students being welcoming towards her. 

“The staff has been wonderful, everyone has asked me if I needed anything and has given me tips, I can’t say enough how welcoming the staff has been,” Kaestner said. “The students are really great too, I’m really liking my Literature by Women class, we’re having great discussions.”

Kaestner has been fitting in perfectly here at Gloucester High, and we hope she has a great time teaching here.