Weed creates new opportunity with makers club


Martin Del Vecchio

Senior Tyler Weed (right) wins a STEM award at last year’s academic recognition night.


Led by senior Tyler Weed, the makers club would utilize the school’s maker space to enable students to create a variety of different projects.

Students can code, make music and artwork, 3D print, sew, knit, or do anything else that requires creativity and effort. The club’s funding will go towards providing the necessary tools and materials that students need, such as a sewing machine, 3D printers, and recording equipment.

“I just wanted to create an environment that encouraged people to create whatever they wanted,” Weed said. “The club will be mostly self-guided. We won’t have mandatory attendance or project deadlines or anything like that. Without those strict boundaries, I’m hoping people feel free to express themselves in any way they want, and to really create whatever they set their minds to. There are so many different ways to create, and the goal for this club is to allow as many people as possible to act on their creative side, whether it be through coding or crocheting.”

The club will meet after school, and students will be given independence in choosing when to go, and what to make. Because there is such a variety of disciplines, students can set their own pace, and decide whether to work independently or collaborate with a fellow club member. Occasionally, the club will meet during homerooms to share their progress.

“I’m really excited for the club,” junior Thea Cunningham said. “I love to knit and embroider, but usually I’m busy, or I don’t have the motivation to start a new project. I’m hoping this will give me the incentive I need to stick with my projects.”

The makers club is for creative and hardworking people, or people who want the push to help them get there. It’s a space for people to experiment with different mediums, try something they might not have thought to do, and have a community of like-minded people to support them.

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