Why I run


Cary Brancaleone

Eastern Massachusetts division 4 cross country teams


I often ponder over why non-runners find so much puzzlement in the concept of running.

Why on Earth would someone want to run? The answer to this question is not that those who run are crazy, but simply because running is a beautiful thing.

Before I divulge in the beauty of running, I need to be brutally honest with you. There are times when running is going to suck. Some days you’ll feel like you’re legs are stuck to the pavement. You’re going to want to stop and walk and sometimes you’re going to want to sit down on the sidewalk and cry.

But then, like the light on the other side of a dark tunnel, you’ll have a day when you feel like the fastest person in the entire world. Suddenly, running isn’t horrible anymore.  And this, ladies and gentlemen is what we call a “runners high.”

What is a “runners high”? It’s the moment after a run when you feel elated. The world seems wonderful, you feel strong, and lean, and you feel like you could accomplish anything. This is why I run, and this is why you should run.

When everyone’s endorphins are racing, people just get along better. Therefore, a world filled with runners is a happy world.

The next thing most people ask is “How do I start running?” Well the answer to this is simple. First you need to get some suitable running shoes, a t-shirt, and a pair of athletic shorts. Then you need to open your front door, and ready? This is going to be a shocker, but you start running. It’s that easy!

Another upside to running is that you’ll be hungry all the time! And the best part is that you will feel zero guilt when eating, because you know you will have deserved it. It has also been proven that runners do significantly better in school than their peers.

Still not convinced? Well track has throwing and jumping too.