GHS track has strong showing at State Relays


Darcy Muller

The boys Sprint Medley Relay team (from left) Kayky Barbosa, Andrew Coelho, Sam Ashwell, and Colby Rochford


Last weekend, GHS track and field competed at the Division IV state relays at Pembroke High School. Both the boys and girls teams had strong showings, with the girls medaling in four events and the boys medaling in six. Out of forty-five Division IV teams, the girls placed twelfth and the boys eighth. 


DMR (Distance Medley Relay), consisting of a 1200m, 400m, 800m, and 1600m placed second in what was the girls most anticipated race of the day. Caroline MacKinnon (3:54) Skye Ciolino (1:03), Darcy Muller (2:26), and Caelie Patrick (5:29) clocked in a 12:54 earning second place, he race was decided in the last straightaway where Patrick was narrowly beat out. 

The triple jump team of Megan Hurd, Jenna Smith, and Skye Ciolino placed fifth, with jumps of 35’2, 28’3.75, and 28’2,25 respectively, placing fifth overall. The javelin relay of Sarah Baker, Kendall Newton, and Lassen Ando placed sixth with throws of 68’6, 72’4, and 61’2 respectively. The girls 4xmile relay had a strong showing as well, with Sabine Cooper (6:17), Kendall Newton (6:02), Whitney Turner (5:58), and Mackay Brooks, (6:08) finishing fifth with a final time of 24:25. 


The SMR (Sprint Medley Relay) consisting of 200m, 200m, 400m, 800m placed first overall in the most stacked boys race assembled by the GHS boys. Sam Ashwell (24.7), Kayky Barbosa (25.5), Colby Rochford (51.9), and Andrew Coelho (2:01.8) with a time of 3:44.18.

The triple jump team of Andrew Coelho, Kayky Barbosa, and Jake Moulton placed fourth with jumps of 38’9.50, 36’4.75, and 34’6.75 respectively. The boys 4xmile placed third overall with impressive performances from Deston Cauthers (4:52), Finn O’Hara (4:41), Nick Poulin (4:45), and Jack Newton (4:52), finishing with a cumulative time of 19:12. 

The second SMR team placed sixth, Dylan Smith (25.7), Josh Silva (26.8), Nate Gardner (55.1), and Jake Moulton (2:12.2) combining for a time of 3:59.76. 

Th DMR team placed fifth with Charlie Lations in the 1200m (3:40), Finn O’Hara in the 400m, (54.2), Deston Cauthers in the 800m, (2:17.6), and Logan Cooper in the 1600m (5:06). The team’s overall time was 11:58.52. Finally, the 4x400m team of Colby Rochford (55.2), Jack Newton (58.2), Nate Gardner (56.1), and Andrew Coelho (53.1) placed fifth with a time of 3:43. 

Overall, GHS had a strong showing at the meet and is looking forward to its most anticipated showdown with Danvers on May 11th at GHS. The winner of this meet will most likely crown the division title for the NEC South.