Easy spring holiday gifts for friends and family

ALEXIA BURBY, Staff Writer

Everyone knows that this year has been a long one. Since COVID-19 started, everything seems to go by really slow, until it’s there. So perhaps you may have forgotten spring holidays are upon us.  If that is the case, here are some last minute gifts to give to family or friends. 

Mini Basket: This is an easy and affordable gift to give anyone. Get some candy, and a couple small things that the person may like and then decorate it. This is good for anyone, and who doesn’t love a cute little basket? Some things to put in that someone may like are fluffy socks, lip balm, lanyard, or a hat. If it’s for a child then they might like some small toys such as a new ball, doll, or game to play. 

Candy Egg: A fun idea is a big candy egg. You can order online or look in stores and find a big plastic egg and just fill it with candy. You can maybe find a bunch of small things such as toys, bouncy balls, or stickers, to fill it with too. This is a simple and fun idea that you could do for someone of any age. 

Gift card with candy: Maybe gift giving isn’t your thing. You can simply get a gift card to any store with some basic candy that the person can have. You don’t have to spend too much and it can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want. Who doesn’t love money and candy? 

Self Care Pack: Everyone needs a little self care once in a while. You could make a little bag, basket, or box of different self care items. Some items could include face masks, headband, lip gloss, shower gel, lotion, new nail polish and file, new perfume or cologne, or maybe a new room spray. You could add little treats in it like chips or candy. This is good if you want to save money because you can also make this as expensive or inexpensive as you want or need.