What’s in a name?

Naming committee seeks public input on what to name the new elementary school


The new elementary school that combines East Gloucester School and Veterans’ Memorial School needs a name, and your help is needed.  

The naming committee is currently asking for suggestions from the public for the name of the new school. Out of all the suggestions, they will choose four potential names and present them to the school committee, who will choose the official name for the new elementary school. 

If you see the flier in places such as City Hall, Sawyer Free Library, grocery stores, or schools, look for an envelope to leave your name suggestions. You can also scan the QR code which will take you to a google form, send your suggestion to [email protected], or go to https://egsvetsbuilding.gloucesterschools.com/ to get more information. 

Please keep in mind that the new school cannot be named after someone, and it should represent both the EGS and Veterans’ communities. 

The naming committee includes students and staff from Gloucester High School, O’Maley Innovation Middle School, East Gloucester Elementary School, and Veterans’ Memorial Elementary School. Principal of EGS Amy Pasquarello, and principal of Veterans’ Matt Fusco are both on the committee as well. 

“This is my neighborhood school and I am honored to be part of the naming process,” high school committee member Zoey Jackman said. 

The consolidation of EGS and Veterans’ is scheduled to be done in 2023. It will have approximately 440 students in grades ranging from kindergarten to fifth. Features include the Joseph Mattos playground, gymnasium and dining commons, as well as spaces for performances, student displays, and athletic activities.