Spring into term four with these seasonal activities

ALEXIA BURBY, Staff Writer

Spring is here, which means warmer weather and more fun things to start doing again. We get more sunlight which means summer is coming soon. With the weather warming up it’s a good time to learn about some fun spring activities you might enjoy during the final stretch of the school year. 

Explore the outdoors: Gloucester has a lot of beautiful scenery and different places to hike, play at the park, or walk on the beach. Going outside and taking in the warm weather can  make you feel better after a long winter. Ravenswood Park, Good Harbor Beach, Stage Fort Park, and Dogtown are all great places to go. Those are just a few of the many places in Gloucester to visit. You don’t have to go anywhere special either. You can go outside just to garden in the backyard, or maybe have a picnic with some friends. Just make sure you remember bug spray and sunscreen. 

Spring Cleaning: I know cleaning may not appeal to some, but it can be a good way to refresh after the winter. Whether you clean your room, closet, backpack, car, anything. Especially with the long stretch to summer vacation, cleaning can make you feel good. It might also help give you a little push to get through the rest of the school year. You can find cleaning items in your house or even at the dollar store if you’re looking for more affordable options. 

Shopping: Shopping; while it can be done all year round, in the spring it can be really helpful. Go through closets or dressers and donate or sell any clothes you want, then you can go shopping for some new fresh clothes to wear during the warmer weather. Anybody can do this and it can feel good to get rid of old clothes, especially if you don’t wear them anymore. This can also be done while spring cleaning. Who doesn’t love new clothes? 

Getting Ice cream: It’s warm, you’ve sat in school all day long, and you are probably craving the sunshine outside. Why not go and get ice cream? Going out with friends can be fun no matter what but ice cream makes everything better, and we live around so many amazing places to get some. If you don’t have a car it can be tricky but there’s some nearby too, or even going to a convenience store to buy some is just as good. 

Sports: Lots of sports start in the spring so there are many possibilities if you want to be more active. Even if you don’t sign up, there’s tons of places to just practice on your own as a hobby or something to do with friends. You could play baseball or softball, lacrosse, go biking, tennis, swimming, etc. 

What If It’s Raining?: Spring is infamous for its rainy days. Even if it’s raining you can still enjoy the spring. You can play board games inside, go shopping still, put on a movie or TV show and have a snack, maybe you go to a friend’s house. If you like the rain, maybe you go outside and still enjoy normal everyday spring activities anyway.