New Advanced Placement classes offered next year


It’s course selection time at GHS, and with the long list of class and credit requirements for graduation, figuring out what classes to take can be a challenge for students. Luckily for ambitious academics, GHS has added 2 new Advanced Placement classes to its program of studies: AP Computer Science Principles and AP Comparative Government & Politics. 

AP Computer Science Principles is the newest technology class to GHS, and will satisfy one full year of required tech credits. The class will be taught by Mr Linehan. 

“There are 2 AP Computer Science classes,” Linehan said. “There’s AP Computer Science (A), the one we’ve had for 5 or 6 years, and that is just your traditional coding class. It’s basically learning Java, a very popular computer programming language. I think it might dissuade a lot of students because they feel like ‘oh, I’m not really into coding’, so what AP Central did was make a new course called AP Computer Science Principles. 

Linehan said the new course is about general conceptual computer science topics, and how they relate to the world. “You don’t get into the details of coding,” Linehan said. “You are going to do coding in the class, but you get to choose what programming language you want to do.”

AP Comparative Government is the other newcomer to the school’s offerings,  and will satisfy one full year of required history credits for any students looking to take it. The class will be taught by Ms. D’Antonio. 

“It’s an overview of different kinds of governmental systems, different political systems, we’re gonna work through a range of different topics kinda under that umbrella,” D’Antonio  said. “We get to look at types of government, how governments run, voting, the role of citizens in government, civil rights, human rights issues. That’s the first half of the class, learning about how power is held, how it’s used, forms of government and politics. Then, we have 6 different countries that are case study countries. Great Britain, Russia, China, Nigeria, Mexico, and Iran.” 

Students will compare and analyze the systems of government present in these countries, using them as real-world examples.

Another change this year is GHS will not offer honors level World Regions and Cultures. This was done to encourage students to enroll in Advanced Placement courses. Increased enrollment in AP classes is a schoolwide goal.  Students can still elect College Prep, World Regions and Cultures if they are interested in that subject.   

Course selection process will be ongoing for the next two weeks. Be sure to meet with your guidance counselor for advice on how to pick the best schedule you can!