Teacher Feature: Rayanne Menery Sammataro

Rayanne Menery Sammataro smiling for the camera.

Rayanne Menery Sammataro

Rayanne Menery Sammataro smiling for the camera.

EMILY CORRAO, Staff Writer

Ms. Menery Sammataro is an Italian teacher at Gloucester High School. She oversees the student council, The National Honors Society, and is the advisor for the senior class. Many people know Ms. Menery Sammataro as a teacher, but not as a person. 

The journey Ms. Menery Sammataro went through to get to Gloucester High is inspirational. 

Growing up, Ms. Menery Sammataro’s family had said that should be a nurse or teacher. Despite her family’s thoughts, “I never wanted to be a teacher,” Menery Sammataro said. “But I always wanted to play school, it was destiny.” She was a straight A student involved in many activities. “I did it all in high school, student council, NHS, student athlete,” Menery Sammataro said. 

Menery Sammataro studied languages all through high school. She studied everything from Spanish to Italian. “Italy was always a part of me,” Menery Sammataro said. “My father pushed me to study a language, so I went back to Italy and I stayed in Italy for pretty much a year.” Her father was a big influence in her life and career. 

She returned home after her father was sick. After his passing, Menery Sammataro went back to Italy for another three years, before returning back to the states.

Menery Sammataro then went on to teach languages at both Gloucester High school and Salem State University. When asked about her proudest moment in teaching, she spoke on how proud she was when she would see students continuing to study language. She loved seeing Gloucester students at Salem continuing their study of language. Ms. Menery Sammataro has since retired from Salem State but continues to use her talents at Gloucester High.

Ms. Menery Sammataro was also proud when she received the Paul Harris Fellow Award. This was awarded to her by the Rotary Club for community service. “The Interact Club nominated me,” Menery Sammataro said. “About thirty teachers came to the award and I have never been so honored.” 

“Everyday is a good day that I’m here,” Menery Sammataro said. She truly loves her job. Not only does she love teaching, she has taken on so many other responsibilities at GHS. She is an advisor for Gloucester’s NHS, student council, and senior class. Her love for planning and organizing makes her a passionate and dedicated advisor.  

Ms. Menery Sammataro was asked if she had any advice for students. “It’s not always looking for a job that pays well, it’s what makes you happy,” Menery Sammataro said. “I love my job and I love this school.” 


This story has been updated from an earlier version published on January 28.