An underclassmen’s guide to midterms

ELISE AMARAL, Arts and Culture Editor

It’s the first midterm in almost two years, and for some, the immediate thought is panic. No need to panic! In fact, it is best to approach mid-year assessments with a calm demeanor.  Since many students at GHS have never taken a mid-year exam, Gillnetter staff has prepared a list of tips to help you prepare for your midterm.

Time Management

Prioritize your classes by importance, and what day their exam is scheduled

Create a study schedule based on class importance and what day the exam is

Utilize your materials and resources

Go over any previous homework, quizzes, or tests to refresh your memory. 

Ask for a study guide if not already given one by a teacher

Make flashcards (physical or digital)

Do not cram. It doesn’t help. Chunk material into mini “study sessions” with short breaks in between. 

Read and review

Read aloud your notes, flashcards, previous homeworks, quizzes or, tests. Use websites like Khan Academy, and Quizlet. 

Prepare the night/day before

Get a good night’s sleep. Eat a good breakfast every morning


Ask any and all questions you have about the exam.  Don’t be embarrassed to ask your teacher questions, if you have a question, your classmates probably have the same one. Ask about the format because there’s a variety of choices for this year’s exams

Ask for help

Don’t be shy about asking for help! NHS students will tutor you in any subject (contact your guidance counselor or Ms. Menery). Ask a fellow classmate or a teacher. 

Stay relaxed on exam days

During the allotted thirty minutes between exams, take a walk, grab a snack from the snack shop, stretch and don’t forget to breathe.  This will all be over in a few days!