Students raise funds for Dignity Matters

ELISE AMARAL, Staff Writer

Collaborating on a school project, students in Mr. Francis’s Global Issues class were asked to find and fund a charity or nonprofit organization of the group’s choice. One of the three groups decided to focus on the nonprofit organization called Dignity Matters.

Dignity Matters is a nonprofit organization in Massachusetts that supplies, collects, and purchases feminine hygiene products for females who suffer from homelessness, low-income, domestic abuse, and more. 

For those unaware, benefits such as food stamps/SNAP don’t cover the cost of feminine hygiene products because they are considered ‘luxury’ items. Every month, there are women who suffer from not having access to these products simply due to the cost.

“Not only is it a global issue but its a local issue as well. There are so many stigmas and its a major problem,” senior Olivia Hogan-Lopez said. “People donating not only solves the problem, but it helps educate yourself and break these stigmas.”

The students mission is to help local homeless women by receiving the products donated from students and faculty in the boxes in the atrium and health center. If you’re not able to directly donate products, you can donate money by contacting Olivia Hogan-Lopez, Zoe Hedges or Elise Amaral. 

There will also be collection cans in the office, health center, and the snack shop.

All proceeds collected will be directly donated to Dignity Matters’s drop-off location in Topfield.