Gallinelli to freshmen girls: “The harassing needs to stop”


Freshmen girls were called to an assembly this morning to address persistent graffiti and vandalism in the second and third floor girls bathrooms at Gloucester High School.

Dean of Students Mr. Robert Gallinelli described several issues including vulgar graffiti, names on walls, harassment, and wasteful use of toilet paper by ninth grade girls.

“I’m only speaking to ten percent of you, but I wanted all of you to hear,” said Gallinelli. “The graffiti on the walls has blown me away. When I walk into the girls bathroom, it blows my mind how mean and awful some of you can be.”

“The harassing needs to stop,” said Gallinelli referring to some of the graffiti. “Every student needs to be able to come to school and feel safe.”

Gallinelli told students that G.H.S has never had issues in the girls bathroom like this,  and that community members have called Principal Anderson about this issue.

“It is now known in the community that ninth grade girls are trashing the bathrooms. You have represented yourselves poorly, and it needs to stop,” said Gallinelli. “You need to rebuild your reputation in the city.”

Administration is currently investigating the problem, and vandals will face consequences which may include suspension and fines. The third floor girls bathroom will be locked until further notice.

“I think it is ridiculous that girls are writing on the stalls,” said freshman Maria Kotob. “I mean, its your bathroom. Why would you want to do that to it?”

According to freshman Harley Pereira, this is not a new problem with this group.  “It might not have become as big a problem now, if it were stopped a long time ago, said Pereira. “It’s been going on forever…since elementary school.”