GHS responds to nationwide threat; increases police presence


Yet another Tik Tok challenge has disrupted schools across the country this week. Vague, but worrisome threats made online regarding attacks on schools on December 17th were made on the social media platform, triggering a response from administrators both nationally and locally. 

“Out of an abundance of caution, we have an additional police presence at our schools today and will continue closely monitoring the situation throughout the day,” said  GHS Principal James Cook in an email to families Friday morning. There have been no threats related to Gloucester or any of our schools. Our schools are safe this morning and there have been no incidents.”

An increase in school violence nationwide, including a recent school shooting in Oxford, Michigan, have left many students on edge. 

This morning, an increased police presence was felt as students entered the atrium for A block. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen an officer that wasn’t an SRO in the school,” junior Treely Dowd said. “It was kind of worrisome.”

Principal Cook urges families and students to share any concerns or information about school safety. “Students should be aware that bringing information to a trusted adult is always the best course of action when they are faced with potential threats or other information that makes them nervous, on social media or elsewhere.”