Holiday fun for everyone

ALEXIA BURBY, Staff Writer

Winter is coming and that means new, fun activities to do. No matter what holiday you celebrate, these are some fun things to take part in. 

Middle Street Walk 

A winter favorite in Gloucester and Rockport, is the Middle Street walk that ends with the Lobster Tree Lighting on Main street. It will take place next to the police station on Saturday, December 11, 2021 and it runs from 10 am to 4:30 pm when the lighting of the lobster trap tree happens. People gather around with family, walk and shop in the small stores downtown, and find the perfect place to watch the bright lights on the tree. Throughout the day there are different events happening such as breakfast at the UU Church, thrifting at the Cape Ann Thrift Shop, or going to the City Hall auditorium for other fun activities. 

Gingerbread Houses

Whether you bake them or buy a kit from the store, making gingerbread houses has been a holiday favorite for many. This is a good activity to do with kids or with friends. It’s simple but designing a nice holiday house is fun for everyone. Children love to eat the candy and frosting and it’s always enjoyable watching how happy they get. All you need is gingerbread, frosting, and candy. You can also make them using graham crackers if you don’t have access to gingerbread. 

View Holiday Lights   

Gloucester households and neighborhoods never fail to impress with the holiday lights all around. Every year it’s a fun, small activity to drive or walk around with family or friends and look at all the different lights and decorations. Some people put up blow up decorations in the front yard, lights that look like icicles, fake snow, snowmen, etc. It’s always a fun surprise to see what others decorate for and how pretty it looks. Sometimes it even tells a story. Good Morning Gloucester wrote an article with a map showing the best places to view lights on Cape Ann.  

Decorating and Gift Making

Decorating the tree, hanging up lights and decorations is a fun activity that most take part in. No matter the holiday, there are decorations for everyone. Playing music, putting on a movie, making cookies and drinking hot cocoa, the possibilities are endless. You can also spend some time making these homemade gifts for friends and family. 

No matter what activity you partake in, there’s always something fun to do this holiday season.