DECA students take the ultimate power trip



Gloucester High Students in the Distributive Education Clubs of America, or better known as DECA, went to Boston for the annual Ultimate DECA Power Trip from November 19th to the 21st. 

Nearly 1,400 DECA students and advisers  representing 31 states attended the trip, as well as international students from countries such as Germany and Spain. Some other notable international participants of DECA include Canada, Puerto Rico, and Guam despite not being present on the trip. 

The location of the trip changes every year and is only hosted in Boston once every decade or so therefore the club took this rare chance to participate in their first non-competitive event in years. The previous year it had been held in Charlotte, North Carolina and next year it will be hosted in Washington, D.C. 

Over the weekend members got the option to explore the historic city of Boston.  The conference was held in the Westin Boston Seaport District Hotel which was chosen for it’s fast growing business oriented economy. Some of the most popular sights were Faneuil Hall, Museum of Fine Arts and the Freedom trail; there was definitely no shortage of possibilities for adventures in the city. 

Since the power trip is classified as a non-competitive event, students were given the chance to participate in countless workshops ranging from subjects such as  “Marketing to Gen Z” and “Planning Events” to “Finding the Right Fit for College” and “Self Motivation: Time Management.”

Within these workshops participants heard from active business leaders and entrepreneurs about their personal journeys and tips they wished they had heard in high school. 

“I’m so grateful that we got to have this experience, Gloucester DECA President Eliana Faria said. “I was able to leave Boston with newfound knowledge and understanding that I get to apply not only in the rest of my DECA career but other aspects of my life as well.”

Participants also had an opportunity to network with peers from every corner of the country and forge connections they otherwise would not have made. 

To sweeten the deal of coming on the trip many schools present were given discounted tickets to the Boston Celtics vs Oklahoma Thunder basketball game where the Celtics dominated 111 to 105. After the game there was a chance to slow down for a few hours during the busy weekend with a social event called “DECA after Dark” where participants went on stage to be hypnotized, or participated in the audience. 

“It was awesome,” senior Chiara O’Connor said. “I made so many friends from all around the country and strengthened the bond I had with people from my own school too.  I learned so much and I feel so lucky I had the chance to participate in this incredible experience.”