Roll up your sleeves for the GHS annual blood drive


The holidays are starting off right with the annual blood drive on December 1st from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm in the GHS field house. Only those 16 and up can donate, and students who are able to give blood must provide a form of id. proving their age and identity. Those who are 16 must have parental permission.

Unfortunately, not everyone can be a donor. Students must not have donated blood in the past 56 days, and there are additional requirements for the height and weight of people who can give blood. Anyone younger than 18 has to be over 110 pounds. Furthermore, you must be in decent physical health and not be anemic.

In order to prepare for blood donation, it is important to get a good night’s sleep the night before, eat a healthy breakfast, and drink a good amount of water. Additionally, it is preferred if donors wear short or loose-fitting sleeves that can be rolled up so it is easier for those drawing blood. Those who give blood often feel fine, and lying down helps any faint feeling. 

To sign up you can go to the RedCross email, enter GHS and schedule an appointment. Any blood type is wanted and needed and if you donate you’ll receive a 10 dollar gift card through your email.  It is important for people to donate blood to help people who are in need of it.


Weight requirements for women:

4’10 – 146 pounds

4’11 – 142 pounds

5’ – 138 pounds

5’1 – 133 pounds

5’2 – 129 pounds

5’3 – 124 pounds

5’4 – 120 pounds

5’5 – 115 pounds

5’6 and up – 110 pounds


Weight requirements for men:

4’10 – 118 pounds

4’11 – 114 pounds

5’ and up – 110 pounds