Chemical Imbalance opens this weekend


Jessica Ruggles

(From left) Josh Flynn, Jesse Muniz, Genna Healey, Madison Smith, Mikayla Healy and Hayden Cushing rehearse for their upcoming performance of “Chemical Imbalance: A Jekyl and Hyde Play”


Chemical Imbalance: A Jekyll and Hyde play will hit the GHS stage this weekend. The play, a comedic version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, features GHS sophomore Josh Flynn as both characters.

Chemical Imbalance showcases Dr. Jekyll, a scientist who wanted to create a potion to highlight the good and evil in people. His plan is to harness evil from people and sell it, though the potion isn’t strong enough. When Jekyll meets Penelope, the evil twin to Calliope both played by Madison Smith, he uses a drop of her blood to add to his potion. This completes the potion but makes it unstable turning Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde.

“It’s more of an ensemble cast,” said director and theater teacher Jessica Ruggles. “Almost everyone is on stage at all times.”

Though it may seem like it, the play is not all fun and games. Amy Geraghty is in charge of set design for the play.

“First we sketch the set on how we think it should look. Then we run it by Ms. Ruggles and build it depending on how much wood we have available,” said Geraghty. She is also the “run crew chief” and tells the tech crew where to put things at certain times.  Geraghty says it’s always stressful backstage, but it definitely amps up during tech week.

“We’re definitely a big family even though we want to kill each other sometimes,” said Josh Flynn.

Mikayla Healey is president of the drama council. She plays Euphronia, the mother of Dr. Jekyll. When Ruggles is unable to attend a rehearsal, it’s Healey who takes over and directs.

“If someone messes up, it’s Mikayla who is there to fix it,” said Geraghty.

“I get a natural high when I perform,” said Flynn about why he spends countless hours each week at rehearsals. “Everyone is stressed but we all get closer together.”


WHAT: Chemical Imbalance: A Jekyl and Hyde Play

WHERE: Gloucester High School Auditorium

WHEN: Friday, November 21st, Saturday, November 22nd @ 7PM  Sunday November 23rd @2PM

HOW MUCH: Adults $10, Students $5

Tickets available at the door or save $ and buy online through Pay Pal