Fun fall activities that won’t break the bank


The air is getting cooler and leaves are starting to change. That can only mean one thing, fall is coming. With fall comes lots of fun activities to do with friends and family. If you are looking for some inexpensive ways to spend the day, check out these seasonal pastimes.

Apple picking: 

One of the best fall activities in my opinion, is apple picking. There are lots of different places to go apple picking in New England, like Russell Orchards, Apple Annie’s, and Applecrest Farm Orchards. When apple picking, you have to pick the right time to go and September to October is the perfect time of year. At most orchards, they have other activities such as other fruits to pick, hay rides, gift shops, and a farm. 

Corn Maze: 

Corn mazes may be hard to find, but there are some fun ones! Corn mazes in general are a fun fall/Halloween activity to do with friends or family. One near Gloucester is Marini Farm in Ipswich. Connors Farm is another fun corn maze in Danvers. They are inexpensive and fun to do. Some are haunted and some are just normal, more “kid-friendly” mazes. 

Pumpkin Patch/ Carve Pumpkins: 

Pumpkin patches and carving are a huge part of fall. Families carve pumpkins together with their children or other family members. You can find pumpkins to carve pretty much anywhere. They are typically sold at markets, patches, farmer/ outdoor markets. You can also find special tools used to carve them at almost any store that sells pumpkins. Most places that have apple picking or corn mazes also start to sell pumpkins at the end of September into early October. They can be inexpensive but it all depends on the store itself and how many you buy. 

Hang out in Salem:

Salem is a staple for witches and fall fun. If you like a good spine chill then going to the Salem Witch Museum might be up your alley. Learning about the interesting history that took place and getting a feel for what life was like during the Salem Witch Trials. Admission is inexpensive with the highest price being $15 dollars for adults. Even just taking a walk around Salem can help you learn a lot about the history. This could also benefit if you or someone you know has read or is reading the Crucible by Arthur Miller. 

Hammond Castle:

A very fun and local activity is to visit Hammond Castle, especially during October. They host all kinds of events and have a fun temporary exhibit at the end of October. During the temporary exhibit, you receive 3-D glasses to help you experience select pieces of John Hammond’s horror writing. A silent film of “The Termite Monster” plays for the whole exhibit.