Alves begins her new role as assistant principal


Treely Dowd

Mrs. Alves sporting a Gloucester Athletics mask in her new office.


Gloucester High School’s new Assistant Principal Allison Alves has never had a job where she didn’t work with kids. She started as a camp counselor and immediately found how much she liked working with youth. 

“I’m passionate about helping kids find what they are passionate about,”  Alves said. 

Although helping students is one of her passions, it isn’t her only one. Alves is a Fitchburg State University graduate and played college softball there as well.  So when the chance to coach middle and high school presented itself, she was ready. 

“I coached all kinds of different things,” Alves said. “I started coaching O’Maley Basketball that was the first thing I coached in Gloucester, then I coached softball, and right before COVID, varsity tennis.” 

Some of the students in the school may recognize her as Ms. Cousins, the guidance counselor at O’Maley Middle School. She changed her name after she got married in 2018, right after the class of ‘22 moved on to high school. 

“My favorite part has definitely been seeing all the students that I used to have at O’Maley now as older students, which has been so crazy cause I know all you guys. But, seeing how you’ve grown up into seniors is so wild.” 

It is definitely equally as wild on the other end, as a lot has changed since middle school.  Alves’ husband grew up in Gloucester and is a Gloucester High School alumni, he even had some fan favorite teachers such as Mr. Francis, Ms.Canavan, and Mr. Kobs. 

Alves said she is “incredibly excited” about starting this new journey and getting to know students new and old. 

“In a lot of high schools kids get lost in the shuffle,” said Alves. “Here there’s a place for everyone and there’s a platform for you when you’re ready.”