Students hit a “Devious Lick” at GHS


Nicholas Poulin

Second floor bathroom closed due to vandalism inspired by the TikTok Devious Lick challenge

NICHOLAS POULIN, Staff Writer, Editor

Recently, a string of vandalism fueled by a TikTok challenge has been sweeping the nation’s schools, and GHS is no exception. The “Devious Lick” TikTok challenge encourages students to vandalize and steal school property, and post it to the video sharing site. 

At GHS, multiple incidents of vandalism have been reported both in bathrooms, and classrooms, but administration had been unaware it was influenced by the challenge.  

Assistant Principal Chris Kobs credits GHS students for letting him know of the challenge. “Ultimately, It came to me through the students, and it lined up with the recent vandalism that occurred.” said Kobs “The student body has been great, people are aware and helping us out.”

Due to vandalism,  the only boys bathroom currently open is on the first floor, and it’s causing a headache for students. Students are becoming increasingly frustrated with the closures. “I was on the third floor and had to go all the way to the first floor, and when I got there, it was full,” senior Seth Grover said. 

This disrupts the learning environment as a whole, as time spent outside the classroom increases due to the lack of open bathrooms. 

“I can’t have the custodian locking bathrooms down constantly,” Kobs said. “I want bathrooms repaired and kids in class.”  

According to the student handbook any student who willfully damages, or destroys school property “will be held financially responsible for repairs and/ or replacement. A suspension of up to ten days may also be imposed, depending on the circumstances of the vandalism.”