Compton returns to GHS as new adjustment counselor


Treely Dowd

New adjustment counselor Chris Compton smiles for the camera in his new office.


Christopher Compton is the new adjustment counselor at GHS, but this isn’t the first time he’s been to this school. Compton graduated from GHS in 2005, but came back to work as a staff member this year. He was drawn back to Gloucester, and the school, because of the unique energy the city and it’s people have.

“The students now have a style unique to their generation, and the way they talk is different from the way we talked,” Compton said.  “But there is something so special about Gloucester people, where you can recognize that someone is from here immediately.  Part of why I came back is because it has such a strong culture that influences all of us to some degree.”

Compton was not only a student when he attended GHS, he was also an editor of the Gillnetter. Back then, his goal as editor was to increase publication of The Gillnetter from four editions per year, to one edition per month. Since then, the Gillnetter has moved online and stories come out daily. 

“To see the Gillnetter now with this online presence, it seems so professional, it’s so lovely,” Compton said. “Even when I was here, there was a lot of great work being done. There are meaningful stories to be found in any community, but this one I feel like there is so much to write about.”

A lot has changed since he went here, and a lot has changed even since last school year, including the addition of two more adjustment counselors. Adjustment counselors are there for students who need help with school stress, issues at home, mental health in general, or if they just want someone to talk to. 

“The administration here wants to make mental health a more important part of school life, and adjusting to coming back to school after just getting used to remote learning is really difficult for just about everybody,” said Compton. “A lot of students are in crisis, or have difficult times at home.  So we are also here to work with those students and make sure that they are able to keep learning, keep doing well, and have the support they need.” 

No matter how big or small the issue, the adjustment counselors are there and ready to talk. The past year and a half has been rough, but there are more opportunities than ever to seek out someone to talk to. Mr. Compton is available in room 1208 if help is needed.