GHS clubs are back for the 2021 school year


After school clubs are making their debut for the 2021 school year and there are many to cover. 

For starters, young actors should think about joining the Drama Club. They are performing “In The Forests of The Night” for their fall show! Not only is it a great opportunity to get your name out there, but it’s also an excellent opportunity to make lots of new friends with fellow cast members young and old. Auditions will be held on September 15 through September 17 for all who are interested. If acting isn’t for you, but you still want to be involved, the Drama Club Tech Crew is the perfect option! For more information, contact Drama Club director Ms. Kirk in room 1409

If acting still isn’t for you, but singing is a must, Chorus is offering an after school club advised by Chorus and Band teacher Mr. Lunquist this year! He will also be advising the after school band program as well for all who would like to join. For more information please contact Mr. Lunquist. 

For the more outdoorsy students, there is the Gardening Club. Even though last year they had just been experimenting with planting tomatoes, corn and squash, along with planning out their garden, the program is now looking for all students interested in helping with cleaning, planning, designing, and organizing the garden. They are also looking for any students who can help bring any ideas that will make their garden a beautiful piece of the GHS campus. So, anyone wanting to get involved in the hands-on program should attend their once a week meetings or contact Ms. Rex, Ms. Lichtenwald or student Yashvi Patel for more information.

Also returning for the school year is the Italian Club. For students interested in fundraising for charities and promoting the rich Italian culture and romantic language you should contact Ms. Menery in room 1213 or by email. 

Do you want a platform to share your writing? Are you interested in student journalism? The Gillnetter after school club would be an excellent choice to share your thoughts, opinions and other newsworthy stories with the entire student body through the school newspaper!  To find out more, please visit Ms. Trigilio in room 2212.

For those interested in more creative writing and other media, The Elicitor is hosting it’s very own after school program for creative writers and artists who wish to share their talents with the public in our school arts and literary magazine. To find out more, once again contact Ms. Trigilio in room 2212.  

Interact Club is making a comeback for the 2021 school year, with Mr. Perrault as club advisor. In Interact Club, students can help in Rotary designed community projects and get to bond with fellow club members! All interested in joining should contact Mr. Perrault in room 2401. 

Students interested in chemistry should consider joining the Chem club! This club caters to the needs of any aspiring chemist or chemistry enthusiast who is eager to learn more about this compelling subject. All who are interested in joining should contact Ms. Cafasso in room 3415.

For students who wish to make a difference for their graduating classes,  consider running for Student Council! You can run for a positions ranging from class president to class representative, and  make significant contributions to your respective graduating classes. To learn more, please contact Ms. Finacey in room 1217.  The deadline for this is approaching – don’t delay! 

There is also DECA for students who are wishing to get some business experience throughout their time at GHS. For students who would like a more career based approach, there is the Bank Theory club, which gives students the opportunity of what it feels like to work inside a functioning bank. 

And if none of the clubs mentioned are the right fit for you, try creating your own club! All you need is a fun idea and a teacher willing to sponsor your program! You can also ask a teacher if there are any clubs that have not been mentioned in this article that would be beneficial to join. 

With that said, from Drama Club to Student Council, there is bound to be the right club for you.  So, get out there and join one today!