Ms. Grassetti is ready for sun and surf in retirement


Ann Grassetti

Still smiling after 27 years, Ann Grassetti looks forward to retirement


After 27 years of honorable service as a teacher, Business teacher Ann Grassetti will be parting ways with GHS as she settles into retirement after this school year.  Known for her fiery red hair, and love of cycling and surfing, Grassetti has been the Chapter Leader for DECA, a nationwide business competition, for the last 24 years. She has played a major role in business education at GHS, and has helped many students on their path towards a career in business. 

Grassetti took over the GHS DECA Chapter in 1998 and has found lots of success with students since. In the last 2 years, she has helped Eliana Faria qualify for the DECA International Career Development Conference – a prestigious event with more than 20,000 elite students, advisors, and businesspersons around the nation that helps develop better knowledge and skills for college and careers. 

“Ms. Grassetti has helped me in unimaginable ways. Over these past three years my confidence has grown tremendously, and I’ve gained many valuable connections.” said Faria who qualified back to back her sophomore and junior year, placing in the top 18 at the 2021 ICDC event.  “Through DECA I’ve discovered my passion for business, and actually plan on pursuing the topic in the future.” 

“She’s been a major source of support for me, and I wouldn’t have been nearly as successful had it not been for her endless assistance,” Faria said.  “She’s one of the few teachers I’ve ever met that goes above and beyond for her students. She has made an impact on numerous lives, and for that we are all grateful.”

Ms. Grassetti also taught AP Economics for 14 years at GHS and has always advocated for more business related classes. 

“Without DECA I wouldn’t have as much fun as I did,” Grassetti said.  “It was way more fun and it was very rewarding for us and the students. I have students who I had in 1998 who still communicate with me and tell me how much DECA benefited them in their lives. Without DECA, I wouldn’t be as happy.” 

Reflecting on her last 25 years of teaching at GHS she said,

“I have never said I’m going to work, I’ve always said I’m going to school. It’s always been something I have looked forward to everyday.” 

— Ann Grassetti

Ms. Grassetti has big plans set for her retirement. She plays on surfing and sailing in her house in Cape Canaveral. She plans on being a “snowbird” as she will live in Florida away from the drastic New England weather.  We are all going to miss Ms. Grassetti and we wish her the best of luck with her future retirement plans.