Got a green thumb? Join the gardening club!


Emily Gossom

Join the garden club to help revive the GHS garden.

EMILY GOSSOM, Staff Writer

GHS is looking for members to join the Gardening Club with Ms. Rex! 

After being neglected during the COVID-19 pandemic, the garden is in need of serious renovations. 

The Gardening Club will plant what are known as the three sisters, corn, beans, and squash. These crops help keep weeds out of the garden. Members will visit the school during the summer to water the plants to keep them healthy and hydrated. In addition, students will be able to harvest the crops they planted in the fall. 

The club plans to restore the greenhouse outside of the school. Students who enjoy cleaning and organizing would be able to use the skill for something productive, getting the greenhouse up and running again. 

“Anyone is welcome to the garden,” freshman Yashvi Patel said. “Whether you’re just wanting to come visit or help out.”

The club hopes to donate the harvest to a local charity, and give back to people in the community who need it. They are also looking for donations and plan to fundraise, so the club can buy more materials and crops. 

Members will be working with the local non-profit Backyard Growers for planting and harvesting. Their plan is to make a permagarden with all perennial crops. In the fall they will continue to plant perennial crops and cool weather crops like lettuce.

This would be a great opportunity for students in the National Honor Society to get volunteer hours. Volunteering to water plants over the summer break is a quick but very helpful way to get community service hours.

If you’re interested in joining the Gardening Club email Yashvi Patel or Ms. Rex to get started!