Five ways for self improvement in 2021



We can all agree that 2020 was a rough year and during lockdown many of us struggled with self improvement as we were all stuck inside our houses. Luckily, I was once in that position and I can help you start off the new year on a good note, stepping forward in the right direction. Here are five of the many ways you can implement these motivation habits in your everyday routine in 2021 that will help boost your physical, mental, and natural health.

1.Get good sleep

Teenagers should make sure to be getting at least 8-10 hours of sleep daily in order to fuel your body and your brain. Sleep helps recharge your body and can help teens especially with their physical and emotional well-being. School performance has been seen to increase when students have gotten a good night’s worth of sleep. Although this may be difficult, if you plan your day accordingly, by putting your phone down late at night and getting those extra couple hours of sleep will make a huge difference. 

2. Be active 

Teeangers are recomended to be getting at least an hour of daily physical activity. Whether this means going for a run, going to the local YMCA for a swim, or even playing your favorite sport in your backyard, it’s very important to stay fit. Being physically active can help improve the immune system along with reducing the risks of high blood pressure, anxiety, and depression. Being fit will also help benefit you in the classroom as it helps with concentration, memory, self-confidence, and reducing stress. 

3.Get into a routine 

Establishing a healthy routine into your daily life will help improve your productivity. There is room for flexibility in this routine but this will make it much easier for you to meet your goals if you can stay consistent and focused. Even by writing down a daily “To-Do” list, you will start to feel more accomplished and organized as you implement this skill into your daily life. 

4. Cut toxic people out of your life

2021 is here for self-improvement and you shouldn’t let the negative people in your life drag you down. There may be manipulative people in your life and if the people you consider your “friends” don’t want to see you succeed in the new year, they’re not your friends. Cutting these people out of your life will only make it easier for you to improve yourself and only having positive people in your life will help you feel good about yourself. 

5.Set goals

Although 2020 was unpredictable, by setting personal goals for 2021 this will help motivate you to work harder in order to achieve these goals. Because these are personal goals, they shouldn’t be unrealistic because this is something for you and you only. Challenge yourself but make sure this a goal you can see yourself working hard in order to achieve in the new year. Whether this is a fitness goal, an academic goal, or an athletic goal, setting the bar high for yourself is the best way for you to improve your mental, physical, and emotional health.