Opinion: bring back the ice cream machines


We all know that GHS used to be a beautiful utopia of merry joy when the vending and ice cream machines took up residence in the school.

As mature, and determined high school students, we are expected to act like adults. However, how can this be done when we are constantly treated like children?

If we are not even allowed to make our own decisions about what we put into our bodies, how are we supposed to learn from our mistakes? The school has taken yet another opportunity to learn away from us.


Imagine the rage after three years at O’Maley with no freedom to make our own choices about what we eat, or when we eat it, and finding out that the ice cream machine was removed the year right before we came.

I am a mediocre athlete and I eat healthful food every day. I like the occasional splurge with confectionery treats and, let’s face it, after a long week filled to the brim with sports, practice, and school work, I deserve it.

I eagerly walk up to where the old ice cream machine used to be, my heart filled with excitement to it’s maximum capacity, hope shining in my eyes, each step bringing me closer and closer to my reward for making it through the week and then- BAM!

Where the ice cream machine should be there is nothing but an empty, desolate space, where love and joy used to flourish. My heart deflates, my once shining eyes now completely desolate except for the flame of revenge slowly burning.

Gloucester High School, it is time to face the real problem.

There have been claims that the school cares about our health and that is the reason that the happiness and love, known as the ice cream machine, and all other vending machines that took up residence in Gloucester High School, have been taken away.

However, if the school really cared about our health we would be getting all organic, non- GMO food, fresh straight from the farm. But we aren’t. The limp leaves of lettuce and the mystery meat and whatever else is supposed to contribute to our so-called “nourishment” do not qualify as anything edible, let alone organic.

So I ask you, the future of America, why are our choices being stolen from us?