Homemade snow globes are the holiday craft gift you’ve been looking for

ELLA GROSSI, Staff Writer

Need a last minute, inexpensive, but thoughtful gift for friends and family this season? Give your loved ones a homemade snow globe.  Snow globes are quick and easy to make. It only takes 3 easy steps to create a makeshift winter wonderland to put an instant smile on anyone’s face. 

All you need is a glass jar (any size), a bag of fake snow, and an assortment of fake trees.  All of these things can be found at Dollar Tree, or at your local craft store.   For inside the snow globe, consider a battery powered candle, an old toy, or maybe even a homemade doll. 

To put together the snow globe, first add the fake snow to the bottom of the jar. Depending on what is going to be inside, the level of snow can be high or low. Next, add the trees all around and watch as the snow globe starts to come alive.  Add your centerpiece and observe the holiday cheer! 

To spice things up, an addition of a bow wrapped around the globe would be an excellent way to finish it off. 

Make sure to stay safe, wear a mask, and enjoy the snowy weather!