Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win mock election


GHS elected Joe Biden and Kamala Harris at the mock election organized by the Social Studies department last week.

On the ballot, students voted for presidential candidates, state officials, and state questions, closely simulating the November 3rd ballot. 

“I think it’s really awesome that the social studies department is giving the student bodies this opportunity to let their voices be heard especially because they can’t vote yet,” junior Elise Amaral said. “I think the mock election is a good idea.” 

Over the past several months, many companies, groups, and politicians have incentivized young people to make a plan and register to vote.

GHS principal James Cook also stressed the importance to get involved in voting and making an impact in your community. 

Within 4 years you will all be able to vote in the presidential election,” he said. “Your voice is important; it matters.”

For President, the Biden/Harris ticket outpolled Trump/Pence 205 to 104.

 “We weren’t surprised by the results as Massachusetts tends to lean Democrat,” GHS history teacher Richard Francis said. “It will be interesting to see how the mock election compares to the actual election in this state.” 

While the election was publicized in homeroom and over announcements, less than half of the student body participated. 

“We were disappointed in the number of people who opted not to vote,” said Francis. “Although, that also may be a reflection of public sentiment and people being fatigued with an election that seems to have been going on since the last one ended,”  he said. “In the past when we did it in person it actually seemed to reflect the reality a little more.” 

“We are really trying to make sure every student leaves GHS with, at the very least, a general sense of how to be a productive citizen and how they can be part of the process.” 

Here are the school wide results:


Biden and Harris-61.7%

Trump and Pence- 31.3%

Hawkins and Walker- 3.9%

Jorgensen an Cohen- 3.1%

Senator in Congress

Ed Markey- 75.7%

Kevin O’Connor- 24.3%

Representative in Congress

Seth Moulton- 75.2%

John Paul Moran- 24.8%

Question 1, Right to Repair

Yes- 72.2%

No- 27.8%

Question 2, Ranked Choice Voting

Yes- 55.3%

No- 44.7%

Question 3,  Debt Exclusion Override 

Yes- 63.9%

No- 36.1%