History teacher hangs tough for a good cause

G.H.S. Film Club

HANNAH SEARS, Staff Writer

After two weeks of competition, GHS history teacher Mr. Shaun Goulart was caught in the sophomore class’ spider web this Halloween.

Taped to the lighthouse pole in the atrium, Goulart was the victim of a student body fundraiser.  To choose a staff member they would most like to see taped to a wall, students placed money in pumpkin jars, each with a different staff member’s name.

Goulart beat the other candidates, Samantha Whitney, Robin Pine and Rory Gentile, with nearly one-hundred dollars raised in his jar.

“I’m so glad it’s not me,” said Mr, Gentile.

Goulart, known for his sense of humor and friendly rapport with students, says he didn’t know exactly what he was signing up for when he agreed to the fundraiser. “At first I said no, but they put a bucket out for me anyway,” said Goulart  “The kids kind of took off with it.”

“I’m surprised I won,” said Goulart, whose bucket drew double the funds of the other teachers.  “I’m the goofy teacher. I thought there would be other, funnier people to be taped to the wall than me.”

As students were dismissed on Friday, the duct-taped Mr. Goulart was on display for students who took photos and had a good laugh at his expense.

Despite the public humiliation, Goulart says it was all in good fun.

“I think it is cool because I want the kids to see that their teachers are human,” said Goulart. “We do have a humorous side.”