Field hockey wins in sudden death


Pam Taormina

Lily Sanfilippo sends the ball up the field in Wednesday’s tournament game against Ipswich


A three and a half hour long state tournament game against the Ipswich Tigers ended in victory for the Gloucester Fishermen yesterday.

By the end of the first half, Gloucester was down 1-0.  With just five minutes remaining, The Fishermen turned up the heat and scored two more goals making the score 2-1 . The goals were scored by Sam Cominelli and Matilda Grow and both assists were made by Lily Sanfilippo.

The Gloucester team began to celebrate too early because, with one second left on the clock, Ipswich scored a goal bringing the score to 2-2. Even though the clock had run out, the game was far from over.

The game went into overtime with only six players on the field for each team as opposed to the usual ten. Teams played for fifteen minutes and the first team to score would be the winners of the game. By the end of the fifteen minute overtime, both teams had yet to score. The captains and coaches got together with the referees to decide on their next course of action. They decided on another fifteen minute half sending the teams into double overtime.

By the end of the second fifteen minute half, neither Gloucester or Ipswich had scored. The score was still stuck at 2-2 and the teams decided on strokes as a way to end the tie. Strokes are penalty shots on the goalie where each team takes turns shooting. Each team has five girls shoot on the opposing teams goalie and whichever team gets more goals will be crowned the winner.

The first round of strokes ended with both teams getting two goals. The goals were scored by captains Lily Sanfilippo and Kayla Nasser. With the score still tied, the coaches and referees decided on doing another round of strokes. This round also ended with both teams getting one goal leaving the score still tied. This goal was scored by Gloucester’s third captain, Chloe Flavin.

After double overtime and two rounds of strokes, the game went into sudden death.  This meant the next team to score a goal on a stroke would win. Ipswich sent forth their shooter and Gloucester goalie, Deyanna Foley, deflected it out of the net. Kayla Nasser was sent to the net to take the next stroke. With the crowd on the edge of their seats and both teams with their fingers crossed, Nasser shot the ball- straight into the next.

Gloucester rushed into the field and cheers erupted from the fans. Including strokes, Foley made a total of 22 saves throughout the game. Gloucester will be playing their next tournament game Friday, October 31. They will be facing Weston, the second place team, at 2:30.