Fishermen out of playoff contention


David Fanning

Captain John Salvi-Souza picks himself up after a tough loss to Swampscott


As the bye week ended for The Fishermen the news came in, and it was not particularly good. The Fishermen had been knocked out of the 8th seed spot by a coin flip.

The Fishermen had tied with Revere for the 8th seed and it came down to the final week to make the decision. As Gloucester watched as their opponents played their last games, the ones that proved to hurt them were games they could have won.

On opening night for the Fishermen they played Lynn Classical. After getting off to a slow start The Fishermen came up short to finish the game in a disappointing loss at 27-20. If The Fishermen had come back to win this game their season would have been a whole different story.

Another game they could have won was their last home game against The Big Blue of Swampscott. The Fishermen battled all game and exchanged leads with The Big Blue three times. Finally what decided the game was an overtime two point conversion which sent the Fishermen to 2-5.

As playoff competition starts up The Fishermen will be playing in consolation games against Salem, Medford and Dracut. The Fishermen will be favorites in all of these games.

Locations for these games are under discussion but as of now it looks like Gloucester vs. Salem at home, Gloucester vs. Dracut away, and Gloucester vs. Medford away.