From Gloucester to Gloucester, Adventureman completes his cross-country run

Jamie McDonald greeted by supporters on Stacy Boulevard

Caleb Perry

Jamie McDonald greeted by supporters on Stacy Boulevard

Jamie McDonald better known as by his online moniker “Adventureman” has recently completed a journey across the the contiguous United States, but in a rather unusual way — by running 210 marathons.

McDonald, a resident of Gloucester, England completed his 210th marathon yesterday in front of the Man at the Wheel statue on Stacy Boulevard to mark the end of his nearly 5,500 mile coast to coast journey.

Upon arrival to the finish line, McDonald, who live streamed the final stretch of the run invited anyone to join in and complete the journey with him. He was surrounded by several hundred people — a mix of runners and spectators — who cheered him on as he arrived at the famous Gloucester landmark, dressed in his now famous outfit: a superhero costume.

To mark the end of his journey, McDonald jumped in the cold Atlantic ocean water off Pavillion beach —  just as he had done to mark the start of his journey by jumping in the Pacific ocean on the west coast.

Beginning his journey in April of 2018, his almost year-long trek across the United States saw him camping in between stops as he ran marathon after marathon. The sole purpose of his cross-country run was to raise money for sick children across the globe.

McDonald, 32, was diagnosed with a rare condition as a young child that caused a cyst to grow on his spinal cord. Subsequently, he spent much of his youth in and out of hospitals. Determined to help children who are going through the same scenarios, he has dedicated his life to completing arduous journeys to spread awareness and raise money for sick children.

This most recent feat helped raise over $150,000 for his Superhero Foundation. In the past five years, McDonald has raised nearly $1 million for his foundation through other such journeys like a cross country run across Canada in 2014.

Upon returning to England, McDonald’s next adventure will be an attempt to set a Guinness World Record of covering the most mileage on a treadmill in one week.