Dear Freshmen,


Corryn Ulrich

Marc Smith navigates the crowded freshmen hall.

CORRYN ULRICH, Staff Writer, Opinion editor

I get it, trust me.  After all, we were all freshmen once, right? It’s confusing. Everyone is navigating through the hallways, talking to their friends and opening their lockers. The overwhelming loudness of raised voices, the slamming of doors and the stomping of anxious feet ready to go to lunch is intimidating. It could make anyone paralyzed with fear.

However, standing frozen in the middle of the hallway like a deer in headlights is not doing anything for anyone. Perhaps you don’t know where your next class is? Or, perhaps the sight of all those upperclassmen coming your way is intimidating? Or, perhaps you just let out a really loud fart that startled even yourself.

Regardless of the reason, the hallway is for walking. Not stopping.

The number one way to get on an upper-classman’s hit list is to randomly halt in a calmly flowing river of students. The key to orderly and efficient travel in the hallways is to always stay to the right.

In the event you need to cross over the lanes of students, to get to your locker or class, wait for a break in the flow. If there is no break in students, continue to walk on the right, passing your locker or classroom and then double back so your classroom is now directly off of your lane thus accessible.

Don’t disrespect the flow; stay to the right.