To dance, or not to dance?

Organizers hope dance will bring class together

Sophomore class Vice President Lauren Benchoff shows off poster for class dance

Corryn Ulrich

Sophomore class Vice President Lauren Benchoff shows off poster for class dance


The signs are up, dresses bought, plans for who is going with whom are being made. Sophomores, it’s time to get our swag on. It’s our turn to prove that we know how to party.

The announcement of a sophomore event has been met with mixed opinions. Some are excited for the opportunity to get dressed up and party with friends.

“I’m going because I think it will be fun,” Sophomore Jillian Oliveria said. “It will be the first semi-formal dance I’ve been to.”

Others disagree.

“I’m not going,” said sophomore Katelyn Moore. “I would rather our class spend the money on a better junior event, or other senior events.”

The misconception that the sophomore event is being funded through already raised profits has been debunked by Class of 2017’s President, Nate Young.

“We are not spending any money on this event,” said Young . “We are paying for it solely through ticket sales. So no money that we have already raised will be going towards sophomore event. That is all going towards senior events.”

“Its a great fundraiser, they used to do it all the time,” said , Dance DJ and GHS history teacher Michael Perreault. “Senior events cost around $55,000. You need to raise or pay $55,000- $65,000. The more money you raise, the less prom tickets cost and it [the dance] will be a good time.”

“The dance is what people are going to make it,”  said class of 2017 vice president, Lauren Benchoff. “If they go to it thinking ‘this is stupid’, then obviously it’s going to suck. But if they go in thinking its going be a good time, then it’s probably going to be fun.”

“Our class is divided, so this dance would bring us together to make us feel more united as a class. That’s the idea,” said Young. “If we set the tickets at nineteen, we need the extra six to break even. If there is the extra money, then that will go to senior events. The goal of sophomore event isn’t to raise money, it’s to bring the class together. But if we do make money, then that’s great.”

Regardless of how financial costs and profits are to be handled, the sophomore event is sure to be a good time.

Buy your tickets at any lunch this week, $25 a pop. See all of you there on April 3rd, six o’clock sharp. Be there or be square.