Serve, set, spike

Iron Curtain dominates intramural volleyball


Claire Knowlton

Evan Mason, from “The Franchise”, gets ready for a spike on John Victor from “The Super Squad”

In just three short weeks intramural volleyball has taken over GHS.  Run by history teacher Phil Cook, this intense tournament brought out the competitive side of GHS students and faculty,  but also brought many students together every day after school to practice and play .

Fourteen teams were involved in the tournament with a wide range of talent.  Teams like Dunkin Donuts, led by guidance counselor Matt Duncan had only 1 win, while The Franchise, led by history teacher Rich Francis had only 1 loss.

Out of all fourteen teams,  two dominated in the tournament. “The Franchise” put away every team they played until the championships, and “Iron Curtain” who had an un-returnable spike led by MCAS coordinator John Nicastro.

After moving up in the winners bracket, both teams came to the championship round to play an intense game.

An upset in the Franchise’s 1 loss record , Iron Curtain came out in heat and played phenomenally against the Franchise. Iron Curtain handed the Franchise two out of three losses and claimed the championship.

On Friday, the best players from each team played against each other in the all star games after school. The games were exciting and entertaining with a solid match up and a lot of talent on each team.

Overall, intramural volleyball was a big success and a lot of students are looking forward to next year!