From sold-out concert to sold-out movie, “The Eras Tour” film arrives

Ashlee Scola and Julia Warde pose with the films poster on opening night
Ashlee Scola and Julia Warde pose with the film’s poster on opening night
Sophia Montello

It’s been a long time coming– the Eras Tour movie has finally hit theaters, adding a third installment to Taylor Swift’s filmography. What makes this film unique, however, is its mainstream success being the first of Swift’s concert films to be released in movie theaters. 

Swift’s Eras Tour is considered her victory lap as a staple pop star, and household name. Every tour prior to The Eras Tour simply hones in on a single album, while her ongoing tour consists of Swift performing music from her entire career and honoring each of her ten albums as her stages of life, or “eras”.

The singer is no stranger to breaking records and the Eras movie is no exception. Swift is back on her Vigilante Sh*t, seemingly salvaging the fall box office with $95-97 million in its domestic debut and $130 million globally.

“This October, without Taylor Swift, would have been awful,” Jeff Bock, a senior box office analyst with Exhibitor Relations said. “This is a huge bright spot.”

An integral part of the movie’s debut isn’t just the money– but the sense of community that  Taylor’s fan base fosters. Friendship bracelets are made to trade with other “Swifties”, fans dress up in costumes relating to any of her motifs, and dancing and singing along to the movie is not only accepted, but celebrated. With Swift’s influence, a mass event like a movie screening is transformed into an exclusive community celebration.

“It was a showcase of Ms. Swift’s dynamic stage presence, and it’s an absolute must-watch for fans. If you’re not a fan yet, you will be after watching this movie.” 

— Carlen Montello

Many fans were apprehensive about the invitation to sing along and dance in the aisles, which prompted movie theaters to clarify what the etiquette for attendance would be expected to look like. 

“We encourage dancing and singing throughout this concert film event, but please do not dance on our seats or block other guests from viewing, safely walking, or exiting the auditorium,” said the AMC Theatre’s statement regarding how to enjoy the film. 

“I was worried, at first, that our theater wouldn’t be singing or dancing, but I quickly realized that wouldn’t be a problem,” senior Julia Warde, who attended opening night, said. “It was a great experience, people of all ages sang and danced along to the music, and it was really fun and judgment-free.” 

One may assume that the movie’s demographic and attendance is limited to young women, but even adults appreciate and cherish the genius of Swift’s artistry. 

Carlen Montello, who’s daughter attends GHS, attended the showing, dressing up as her favorite Swift era, Lover

“It was a showcase of Ms. Swift’s dynamic stage presence, and it’s an absolute must-watch for fans,” Montello said “If you’re not a fan yet, you will be after watching this movie.” 

Highlights of the film include the performance of “The Last Great American Dynasty,” a song from Folklore, which features a handful of dancers in beautiful costumes, the pinnacle of the production being the twirling tule of each woman’s gown gliding across the stage. The staging of “Lover” showcases eye candy in terms of performance, smitten dancers with wide smiles and delicate partnerships convey an enamored tale with a sweet love song in the background. Lastly, the zenith of the movie appears in the Red section, which displays a heartfelt moment between Swift and a stunned fan, as she is called to the base of the stage– getting a big hug from Taylor, and the hat placed atop her head from the costume Taylor is clad in for “22”.

The interactive and engaging nature of the film successfully attracted fans of all ages and backgrounds, facilitating a beautiful community space that brought many individuals together.

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