Summer internships provide opportunity to GHS students


Interested in a six week paid internship?  LEAP for Education is offering one this summer.

The jobs offered usually run for four days, or 15 hours a week. The employers offer very flexible schedules, which are left up to the student. The program is focuses on providing workplace experience to the students.

The projected start date is on July 9th and will end on August 17th.

Each week, the intern is required to go to one class in the morning. This class develops skills in resume writing, networking, communication, teamwork, collaboration, and workplace professionalism.

“This program is exciting because it is not just working and going in everyday, but it is also a chance to reflect,” said program coordinator Joanne Leavitt. “People can share experiences, and it offers support to learn from the work component.”

If you are already sold, there are four different ways to register for this program. You can contact Leavitt through email, at [email protected], check out one of the hanging flyers in school with a QR code, get a hard copy application at guidance, or go to the LEAP for education website link:  

The interns can be in any high school grade. However, some subsets of students are prioritized. Kids who have more barriers, are first generation college students, or those who have ‘less resources’ are chosen over others. Generally, 20 students are accepted into the program, however, special accommodations can be made.

Once applications are in, the program leaders call students and schedule interviews to learn about individual skills, and put together 20 student groups.

Students will know if they have been accepted by April. Depending on how many students apply, everyone will get in. There were 30 applicants last year.

After groups selections, Leavitt will talk to employers, and match students. Assuming the students agree, they will meet their employer in another interview.

In June there is a half day orientation, which goes over basic job skills. The employers will be invited for networking purposes.

If the program can’t find employers to pay, the LEAP Program will pay a stipend to give money to the student directly.